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Private Lessons

Private Lessons


Please read through information below then scroll down and submit the on-line form to enroll your child in private lessons.

Why Take Private Lessons?

In a group setting like your child's Orchestra class, your student will not be able to benefit from the maximum individual attention he/she needs. The private teacher is able to meet with your student one-on-one weekly and meet your student's individual needs, allowing each student to progress at his/her own rate of ability. Unlike tutoring, private lessons are not needed just for those students that may be struggling.  Private lessons are for every student. Students that may be struggling can get the extra help to improve, while the average to advanced players can learn more about their instrument, play more repertoire/take advantage of more performance opportunities, and receive instruction to keep them challenged outside of class. Click here to read this great article about all of the advantages of private lessons.

Why Take Private Lessons at Forestwood?


The FMS Orchestra Private Lesson Staff are experienced teachers, performers, and specialists on their instruments. They have been selected by the Orchestra Directors and they have completed LISD background checks.  These teachers are highly qualified professionals that work closely with Mrs. McHenry & Mrs. DeHart to ensure each student's success.  Private lessons are offered at Forestwood during school, with the occasional before or after school pending availability of instructor, making lessons convenient for parents without the hassle of traveling. LISD has implemented a standard pay scale for all private teachers in our district, which is often more reasonable than rates of private teachers outside LISD.

Lewisville ISD Music Private Lesson Rates

Degreed Teacher $24.00 – 30 minute lesson $20.00 – 22 minute lesson

Non-degreed Teacher $21.00 – 30 minute lesson $16.50 – 22 minute lesson

Supplemental Personnel intending to serve as music private lesson teachers in LISD must complete an online application, background clearance verification, fingerprinting, and onboarding paperwork prior to issuance of an LISD name badge. Program director recommendation is required in order to initiate the district application process and to provide lessons on any campus.

Families interested in private lessons for the current school year must complete the on-line form below. Please make sure all contact information is current - you will receive a confirmation e-mail, followed by an introductory e-mail from your child's private teacher which will include his/her syllabus, procedures, and payment policies. 

lease contact Mrs. DeHart with any further questions or concerns. We look forward to having your student enrolled in private lessons at Forestwood!


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